We Help Trades Business Owners Generate More Leads, Maximise Their Marketing Profit, and Automate Their Entire Marketing Strategy

Are You Missing Out On Sales?

So many local Trades Businesses fall into the same old trap:

  • You have no idea where your leads are coming from, or how much they're worth...
  • You simply don’t have time to follow up with every opportunity... 
  • It feels like sales opportunities falling through the cracks and you're leaving money on the table
  • It's overwhelming trying to keep track of your marketing and sales...
  • You have no way to measure ROI (or rather, you're "flying blind")...
  • Your spending too many hours doing repetitive tasks and working 'in" the business instead of "on" the business...

It’s time to get control.

More Profit

Solving the greatest challenge Trades business face: Unconverted Leads. You'll never miss an opportunity again.

More Time

What gets repeated should get automated. Follow up and nurture leads on autopilot so you can focus on growing your business

More Control

No more expensive tie-ins or long-term contracts. You need a flexible solution with a team dedicated to your success.

We know what it feels like to worry you’re not doing the right thing.

That's why we're on a mission to help hundreds of local, family businesses reduce marketing and technology overwhelm and WIN in this ultra-competitive marketplace.

How Do We Get More Jobs For Your Business?



Let's be honest... Do you really know the analytics of your marketing? Are you letting jobs fall through the cracks because you don't have the time to follow up with leads? Do you know how many new leads you get each month, where they are coming from, and where each is your marketing funnel? Do you even have a marketing funnel?

Our Lead Hero JCS (Job Conversion System) provides an easy-to-understand snapshot of how your marketing efforts are performing with each patient.

  • Don't just guess... know EXACTLY what is going on and use that data to make more profits.
  • Centralised Hub To Automate & Communicate With Customers
  • Appointment Scheduler/Calendar & Job Tracker
  • Nurturing Campaigns > Close More Jobs
  • Integrate with Zapier, Servicem8, Commusoft, simPRO and more!
  • Automated Appointment Reminders
  • 2 Way Texting, Email, Voice Mail... All in One Place (recorded)
  • Reviews Booster
  • Bulk Communication with customers (texts, newsletters, upsell your service plans etc...)
  • Marketing Tracker- See Your Progress in One Place
  • Unlimited Marketing Campaigns & Automations
  • Mobile apps so you can manage, call and follow up with leads (even when you're on the tools!)




Powerful Integrations

Connect with industry-leading business apps. So easy to set up, you won't need an IT department.