Discover How to Triple Your Sales Conversions, Maximise Profit and Automate A Winning Business That Runs Itself

(without spending any more money on ads or having to chase leads yourself)

  • The 3 secrets to attract new customers and automate your trades business
  • The exact system and strategy to triple your sales and maximise profits using "smart" automation
  • Bulletproof sales profits that generates over £50k of additional jobs every month
  • Access to our JobFlow Acceleration blueprint to implement in your business RIGHT NOW

The Ultimate Marketing & Sales Acceleration Platform for Established Trades Businesses

Convert leads, run campaigns, phone and text customers, get more reviews, track leads, manage sales — all in one place.

Sh*te leads...

Have you noticed something? The quality of leads from sites like Checkatrade, Yell and Thomson Local is deteriorating fast! Do you really want to be at the mercy of lead generators forever? With ZERO visibility on your marketing, no control, no systems in place to scale up or down (like turning on a tap), it's impossible to grow predictably. 

In times of uncertainty, we all need some predictability.

At Lead Hero, we install cutting-edge marketing systems using your brand. From Google to Facebook, we build out unique marketing campaigns that put your business in front of the right people at the right time.

The customer has already expressed interest in your offer and is waiting for your call. And with our "speed to lead" automation dashboard, you communicate and manage leads across SMS, email, phone, Facebook and Google My will never miss a red-hot opportunity again!

Marketing Automation

Our proprietary software will give you 100% control over your lead management.

Confidently set up automated systems and scale your business while our reporting dashboards will give you full visibility of your data, so you know what's ultimately working and are able to focus on what is right for growing your business.

Automated Sales Funnels

Sell more of what's important to you.

Whether you want to sell more service plans or reach your dream target of Boiler installations,  we build out professional, high converting sales funnels that are integrated into your marketing mix.

Your Long Term Growth Partner

From getting your job management platform to your to your marketing with Zapier, or helping to you convert more sales, we are here to help you get more out of everything you do.

Every new stage of growth brings on a new set of challenges. We work with some of the most talented and experienced professionals and coaches in the UK Trades business—from financial planning, recruitment and sales strategy through to mindset and success coaching...we've seen it all, and we're here to help you drive your own success path.

Just some of our high-converting, automated sales funnels that attract customers and increased sales. 

YOUR brand, YOUR leads.

This is 2021 Marketing for Trades Businesses

Triple the Value of Your Marketing Budget

Lead Hero will get you on the path to predictable, sustainable growth.

  • Avoid the common mistake of letting leads fall through the cracks.
  • Provide potential customers with instant, personalised contact.
  • Reduce and even eliminate the amount of time spent following up with leads.
  • Double or triple the number of leads that become booked jobs in the next 90 days.
  • While the Lead Hero system continues to nurture and convert leads to customers, focus on delivering service excellence and growing your business.
  • Develop a rock star reputation that makes you the go-to business in your community!

Grow your business exponentially faster than anything else on the market.

Lead Hero picks up where lead generation systems and marketing agencies leave off.
We take leads and turns them into customers while you’re busy on the tools or growing your business!
The return on your marketing investment multiplies, and your business grows!

Use Our Proven Model to Grow Business

Convert 3X More Leads

If we decide to work with your business, we will install and automate the Lead Hero Velocity System and optimise the system for your business. You will enjoy 2 or 3X more customers from your current lead flow with zero extra effort on your part. Our clients are ultimately able to spend 50% less on marketing. And they enjoy higher profitability and increased productivity.

Build Lasting Relationships

Avoid the common mistake of letting hot leads grow cold. Our Lead to Customer Conversion Accelerator is an automated appointment generating machine. It follows up with your leads while you’re on the tools. Our customised follow-up system will allow you to build a trusting relationship with your customers, ensuring they feed you referrals over time.

Ready. Set. Grow!

With Lead Hero's proven system, you get insights that will help you build your customer base. In addition, you have more time to provide excellent service to your your market. This combination makes Lead Hero an "unlimited scalability machine". You’ll be on the way to building the plumbing business of your dreams. Imagine building a rock star reputation and becoming the go-to plumbing business in your community with no extra effort on your part.

Advanced Technology

This is the secret sauce we use to grow our client's businesses. Our automated system engages with potential customers, connects you automatically via SMS, email, voicemail drops, Facebook, even Google My Business messaging...whatever the best channels for your market are. We make sure a lead is never missed and always followed up on, even while you're on the tools. 

Marketing Automation

Lead Hero's Job Booking Automation system saves you time with automated scheduling and reminders. Clients can book right from your website, Google My Business page, or from a message you send them. Customers will appreciate the ease and reliability of our scheduling tools. You’ll avoid wasted time and minimise no-shows with automated customers reminders and confirmation requests.

Reputation Management

Collecting reviews from happy customers is a time-consuming but necessary process. Our automated system takes that task off your to-do list. In addition, every time you receive a review anywhere across the web, you'll know within minutes and can respond appropriately.

See how we help you build and support your reputation. To get a taste of the Lead Hero experience today, click the button below.

Centralised Messaging

Have conversations from SMS, Phone, Email, Facebook and Google Messenger and even manage you Google and Facebook reviews from one central place. Send personalised voicemails to hundreds of customers in one go. Lead Hero puts all your messaging tools in one place!

Even make outbound phone calls to your clients and leads from your Lead Hero Inbox. With our Android and iOS apps, it’s easy to communicate with clients on the go.


Connect with industry-leading business apps. So easy to set up, you won't need an IT department.


Contact Manager

Insights Dashboard

Website Chat

Web Directory Listings

Reputation Management

Easy Integration

Job Booking Automation

Unified Messaging

Reviews Widget

Outbound Calling

Lead Management

Mobile App

Sound familiar?

You're constantly getting pushed down on price...customers just don't care about the quality of your work...all they want is CHEAP!

Those lead generator sites like Checkatrade, Trustatrader and Thomson Local aren't what they used to be...lead quality is starting to SUCK and you're finding yourself having to compete with a new influx of contractors...

You take great pride in your quality of service and provide great support to your customers.

You feel like you have to do everything yourself and can't rely on your staff to maintain your high standard.

You're sick and tired of "marketers" promising you the earth and delivering next to nothing...

You know that you have to go digital, but not sure what to focus on and how to get many people telling you different things...

You've tried doing some Google or Facebook ads yourself, and you wasted money...

You want to get more of the RIGHT kind of jobs coming in and a more predictable cash flow

You've got a successful business, and you've exhausted traditional lead generation methods... you want to break past that plateau and grow, and you're ready to try something new.

Ultimately, you dream of building a thriving Plumbing business that enables you to spend less time on the tools and more on growing a lucrative business and spending time with your family.

If this sounds like you, read on...



I've been working with Francis and his team for a few months now. We've built up a good working relationship. They are always on hand to answer my questions promptly and efficiently. Through the work Lead Hero has done , many leads have been generated, which has led to several well paid jobs. Highly recommend!

What Customers Say

Fast, effective, efficient and amazing service! 

From a vision to action, right on point to what I desired and envisioned… the best at what they do, the Corporate feel and look. The staff is amazing, extremely attentive, detail oriented and patient. They designed our new website and we absolutely LOVE it! One happy client!

Sean Kaye

Plumbing Business Owner


Unparalleled customers service...

These guys really know their business, from cutting-edge technical side to outstanding design, their work is far superior to any other website and marketing company I’ve used. Their customer service is un-paralleled – they are there for their clients throughout the entire process to make sure projects are done right!

Deborah Thornton

Plumbing & Heating



Lead Hero is a hybrid software and marketing service build for the Trades.

With Lead Hero, you'll get more from everything you do...whether you're investing in robust marketing or not.

How much do you want to grow? How many leads do you need per month? How quickly do you want to see results? How well will you be able to service the leads we bring you? How efficient are your systems and sales process for managing and converting the leads into sales?

These are just some of the questions we'll ask you when you schedule a call with us.

Pricing Walkthrough

Moving the Needle in Your Business

You see, we don't work with anyone we are not 100% sure we can produce an ROI for. 

Investment levels depend on your ambition. We design a unique strategy for every partner that will ensure long-term success.

With Lead Hero, you won't be alone anymore.  In fact, we're not the HERO, you are...we're just Alfred :-)

Fill out our application below and book a call with our team so we can understand your needs and offer you the best pricing and solution that meets your needs. During our discovery session, we will have an open and honest chat about where you are and where you want to be