Case Study: Standout Visibility & Marketing Automation

Over 100 new leads, boiler service reminders, a brand new high converting website and automated lead management for A&L Services.


Having lost business due to the pandemic, Alan from A & L Services was determined to put in place a plan to not only increase the volume of enquiries to gain back the revenue lost, but his longer term vision was to sell his company and therefore implement more advanced and automated processes that would be assets to the company.

The Challenge

Alan had been running a successful business for over 20 years but didn’t have the tech or infrastructure of a modern day trades business and he was still running from a paper diary. He had brought his business to a certain level through traditional methods including networking and BNI referrals but he knew that if he was going to break the plateau and set up systems for success, he would have to invest in a digital transformation.

The Process

We designed a three month lead generation campaign around boiler installations, targeting the staffordshire and west midlands area. The campaign consisted of running google ads and facebook ads to a high converting landing page, with the goal of attracting in market buyers seeking out boiler services. When a lead was captured they would be entered into Lead Hero’s advanced follow up system including text messages, emails, voicemails, and even connected Alan to the lead automatically so that he never had to chase a lead or miss an opportunity. Our AI-driven lead management system would nurture unconverted leads to produce future sales.

Additionally we started developing a plan to turn the A & L Services website into a sales conversion machine. We put in place the latest lead capture strategies, customer forms, online booking system, review management system and web chat to ensure that A & L Services could leverage tech to maximise sales from organic leads.

The Results

Over 100 leads in the pipeline worth £180k – £25k won plus additional project opportunity worth £60k. End-to-end process involved:

  • New High Converting Website With Webchat
  • Automated Followup with Two Way Text
  • Centralised Messaging with Email, SMS, Phone, Voicemail Facebook all from in one place
  • SEO strategy and implementation
  • Social media management
  • Google my Business optimization
  • Reputation management and review campaigns

In addition to lead generation, they were leaving money on the table by having a manual service reminder in place – all data was sitting in quickbooks but there was no way to sell and remind people. We implemented a service plan project to import all their data, to segment and clean it so that Alan had an automated system to send reminders, book in appointments and bring in more sales on autopilot.