30% Increase in Sales Conversions for Bishop Plumbing & Heating

Before I started using Lead Hero, I don’t think I had a single review on Google. I didn’t have a single review on Trustpilot.

Now, we’ve got 100+ reviews on both platforms, without any effort from me or my admin. We know exactly what stage every opportunity is at all the way through.

We couldn’t operate our business without Lead Hero. Full stop. We had never done mailshots with customers. We never sent text messages to customers. We never had a sales pipeline or a sales funnel to go through with those customers. Before using Lead Hero, if I was to get a lead from a customer that landed on my voicemail system, he’d end up on a notepad. And if he didn’t pick up the phone within a day or so, that notepad was scribbled out and it was put in the bin. That customer was long gone. I find now that maybe 60-70% of my customers don’t buy from me until their 10th, 11th, 12th point of contact.

And all of those points of contact are all made long before we even dial a number into the phone. It doesn’t matter how many bits of software I look at for other purposes, whether it be quotations, payment integrations, office management and stuff like that, none of them can do what Lead Hero can do. And it’s not just sales management.

It’s not just pipeline values and stuff like that. It’s the marketing side to it. I can build… I now don’t need to go to my marketing agency and pay them to build me a HTML email that goes out to all my clients. Nine times out of ten, when it did land in clients’ inboxes, it never looked as it should have done anyhow. And now, simple little me, with no tech background or anything like that, can create an HTML email and mailshot it to all of my clients, and generate business from it.

Conversion rates have definitely gone up, but also job management, being able to manage those leads, not just from the point of the lead landing with you and inquiring, but all the way through to even after the quotation has been issued and the job has been sold. You’re able to then manage that lead into different aspects, to know when the job’s been booked, when the job’s been completed.

And then I don’t need admin then to start following up on reviews. Again, we can just move the job into the right pipeline, and an automation is processed and customers are leaving us reviews on Trustpilot, Google, Facebook, wherever it wants. I run adverts on Facebook, and if I couldn’t see those ads and I couldn’t see the data from those ads and I weren’t able to manage the leads through Facebook, then as you know yourself, all of the Facebook stuff, you’re pulling spreadsheets from Facebook to see your leads. And then you’re trying to… You might put that into a Google workbook or another spreadsheet and then you’re bouncing around different systems, different software to try and find it.

Having the integration straight into Lead Hero, it means everybody’s in there. And as soon as the customers click that Facebook advert, they’re already in a campaign, and they’re getting text messages, emails, and video calls from us straight away anyway. I haven’t found anything yet, that is as powerful as Lead Hero.

Now, I know that Lead Hero, the software, is an agency program. But yes, I can go and get that agency program and I can do what I’m doing but I know I wouldn’t get the support that I’ve got from you and Carolina and your staff to help us and develop us into what we’re doing. And we probably would’ve looked at the software, tried using it, not understood it, and f***d it up. There are no limits. We can do anything.

Air conditioning, air source, heat pumps, EV charging, fuse box charging, boiler installations, boiler service and care plans. All of that is marketed through Lead Hero. I couldn’t run my business without Lead Hero right now. I simply couldn’t. I’ve got three admins underneath me. And even with that much manpower, we wouldn’t be able to manage the work and the customers and the leads in such a way that we do with Lead Hero.