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Boosting Your Business Profile: Simple Strategies for Increasing Reviews on Google My Business

by Francis Rodino

December 28, 2023

Boosting Your Business Profile Simple Strategies for Increasing Reviews on Google My Business

In the digital world we live in, how you show up online can seriously impact your business game. One big player in winning over potential customers is the whole deal with reviews on Google My Business (GMB). So, we’re gonna dive into some easy tricks that actually work to up your business profile and get those GMB reviews flowing.

Why Google Reviews Matter

Now, let’s talk about why Google reviews are a big deal. They’re like the online version of word-of-mouth, shaping what potential customers decide. Having a solid online reputation does more than just look good—it builds trust, boosts credibility, and hooks customers for the long haul.

🤝 Building Trust and Credibility

In today’s digital scene, trust is the name of the game for businesses. Google reviews are like a digital badge of honour, showcasing the quality of your services. When happy customers leave positive reviews, it’s like a virtual thumbs-up that gives potential clients the confidence to choose you. Each positive review adds to your street cred, making your business the trusted go-to.

💰 Influencing Purchase Decisions

Buyers are turning to online reviews more than ever to guide their choices. Studies show that a big chunk of consumers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends. Positive Google reviews have the power to sway potential customers your way, directly impacting your bottom line.

📈 Competitive Advantage

In today’s crowded market, standing out is key. Piling up those positive Google reviews not only amps up your visibility but also positions your business as a leader in your industry. When folks are comparing businesses, a well-reviewed profile can be the game-changer that tips the scales in your favour. 

Simple Strategies for Boosting Your Google Business Profile

1. Optimise Your Business Profile

First things first, make sure your GMB profile is on point. Fill in all the details—address, phone number, hours of operation. A well-optimised profile is more likely to show up in local searches.

2. Ask for Reviews

No shame in the game—ask happy customers for reviews. Personalised requests, whether in person or through follow-up emails, can seriously pump up your review count. Remind them that their feedback helps shape the local community.

3. Showcase Positive Feedback

Turn those glowing reviews into a marketing goldmine. Encourage customers to share their positive experiences on GMB. You can even create a section on your website flaunting customer testimonials and reviews.

4. Offer Incentives

Want more reviews? Throw in a little something extra. Consider offering incentives like a discount on their next service or a shot at a cool giveaway. Be upfront about the incentive and focus on getting real, honest feedback.

5. Nail Local SEO

Boost your Google visibility with local SEO magic. Sprinkle in location-specific keywords in your business description, services, and posts. This helps attract local customers hunting for services in their neck of the woods.

6. Engage with Customers

Get chatting with your audience using GMB’s messaging feature. Respond pronto to customer questions and show some love for those positive reviews. Being actively engaged shows you’re all about keeping customers happy.

How Many 5-Star Reviews Does It Take to Offset a 1-Star Review on Google?

Every Review Counts. Balancing positive and negative feedback is key. A steady flow of positive reviews can outweigh the impact of a single negative one. We’ll explore ways to encourage those positive vibes and handle any not-so-great feedback.

😨 The Emotional Impact

  1. Resonating Emotions

Bad experiences tend to stick around longer in people’s minds. A lone 1-star review can leave a lasting mark.

  1. Trust Building

Trust is delicate, and negative reviews can shake it up fast. It takes a good number of positives to rebuild the trust that a 1-star review might challenge.

🛠️ The Practical Side

  1.  No Fixed Rules

    There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for offsetting a 1-star review. The impact depends on factors like total review count, industry norms, and how severe the negative feedback appears.
  2. Consistency is Key

Consistently delivering top-notch service and collecting positive reviews can act as a shield against occasional negative vibes.

🚀 Taking the Initiative

5. Boost Positive Reviews

Go ahead and ask your happy customers for some love. The more positive reviews you rack up, the less a single negative one can bring you down.

6. Engage and Resolve

Responding to negativity with professionalism and a genuine willingness to solve issues showcases your commitment to keeping customers happy. This proactive stance can win over potential customers.

Realities on the Ground

7. Industry Nuances

Different industries have different standards for how reviews impact business. Some might need a ton of positives to counteract a negative, while others can get by with a handful.

8. Understanding Customer Expectations

Knowing what your audience expects is crucial. Some businesses thrive with a few stellar reviews, while others might need a whole collection to prove their credibility.

Answering Your Burning Questions

How Do I Get People to Review My Business on Google?

It’s all about keeping it easy and enticing. Ask your customers directly, spell out clear instructions, and make sure to show your gratitude for their time.

Can I Buy Google Reviews?

While the idea of buying reviews might seem like a shortcut, it’s a big no-no in Google’s book. It goes against their policies and can land you in hot water, possibly even getting your account suspended. Stick to the real deal—authentic, organic reviews.

Can I Delete One of My Google Reviews?

Here’s the scoop: Users can edit or delete their own reviews, but businesses can’t give ’em the boot directly. Instead, focus on amping up those positive reviews to overshadow any not-so-great ones.

👉 Pro Tip: If you ever find yourself dealing with a fake review, as the owner, you can reach out to Google to get it sorted.

Revolutionise Your Review Management with Lead Hero AI

Navigating the world of online reviews is a breeze with Lead Hero AI, your ultimate companion in boosting your business’s reputation. Here’s a sneak peek into how we can supercharge your review game. 

🤩 Effortless Review Requests with Smart Feedback Options

Celebrate a job well done with a seamless process. A quick click on “send review requests,” and our automated system goes into action, effortlessly gathering those valuable reviews.

But that’s not all. Our system is intuitive—it recognizes whether a customer clicked on a smiley face indicating satisfaction or a less joyful expression signalling room for improvement. Here’s the breakdown:

Happy Click (Green)- Redirects customers to review pages on platforms like Google, Facebook, TrustPilot, CheckaTrade, and more, ensuring their positive experiences are shared across various directories.

Neutral/Unhappy Click (Orange or Red) – Guides customers to an in-built feedback form, allowing them to share their thoughts and providing you with valuable insights for improvement.

After the review process is complete, a simple button press allows you to send a well-deserved thank-you email. It’s a comprehensive solution tailored to customer sentiment, making the entire process smooth and efficient.

🔥 Reviews AI: Elevate Your Online Reputation

Take your online reputation to new heights effortlessly with our Reviews AI feature. Whether you’re looking to simplify Google and Facebook review management or automate your responses, we’ve got you covered with two dynamic modes: Suggestive and Auto-Pilot. Effortlessly craft authentic responses using Suggestive Mode, or streamline your review management with the efficiency of Auto-Pilot Mode.

We believe in keeping things flexible and budget-friendly. Dive in with three complimentary responses in Suggestive Mode, and then enjoy a wallet-friendly rate of just 0.13 pounds per response thereafter. (That’s 1 pound for 7 review responses!)

💥 Why Our AI Review System Rocks:

Boost Your 5-Star Reviews

Our system ensures a steady flow of positive reviews, catapulting you up the Google rankings effortlessly. The magic? Our review AI incorporates keywords crucial for your business page, like those describing your services (think “excellent boiler installation”), giving your page a Google-boosting edge.

🤖 Automate Your Review Responses

Engage with your customers authentically and promptly, be it with a heartfelt thank-you or a personalised touch. Let the AI handle the heavy lifting. You’re in control—decide how soon the AI responds after a review is received. Plus, customise whether the AI tackles all reviews or leaves out those tricky 1-star critiques. It’s automation tailored to your business’s vibe.

Optimising Your Google Business Profile in 2024

In the ever-changing digital realm of 2024, fine-tuning your Google Business Profile is a must. Kick things off by dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s—fill in all those profile details, dish out accurate business info, and jazz it up with eye-catching visuals to make a killer first impression. Tactically sprinkle in relevant keywords, nudge your happy customers for some positive reviews, and stay on top of answering inquiries. And don’t forget to keep the vibes alive by regularly dropping updates, promotions, or event info. Show Google you’re not just there but thriving in the ever-evolving online world.

In conclusion, actively managing and increasing reviews on Google My Business is crucial for local service businesses, especially in trades and home services. Implement these simple strategies to boost your business profile, enhance customer trust, and ultimately drive growth.

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About the author 

Francis Rodino

Francis has spent over two decades launching global digital marketing campaigns and delivering ROI for some of the world's best-known brands. From the BBC to Fifa, Playstation and Virgin, in 2018 Francis set out to make a bigger impact helping established small businesses and entrepreneurs harness marketing technology and cutting-edge digital strategies to increase sales, gain greater control and free up their time grow a business that runs itself.