Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lead hero?

Lead Hero is a "hybrid" software and marketing service. We believe that cutting edge technology is the foundation of effective marketing - without the foundation, you risk missing sales opportunities and reducing the visibility of your brand in your local market. 

Lead Hero is the #1 Automation and Text messaging Platform for Trades and Home Service Businesses

It will help you start acquiring customers on autopilot and triple the value of your marketing spend. You'll be able to convert leads, run campaigns, phone and text customers, get more reviews, track leads, manage sales --all in one place!

Lead Hero tech can bring in leads from a multitude of sources - email, PPC, Facebook, phone Google My Business and so many more...and the sales dashboard and pipeline manager will ensure you always get a picture of your ROI and top traffic sources.

Through our iPhone and Android mobile apps you can manage leads and communicate with customers while your out of the office, and through our Zapier app, you can seamlessly connect thousands of other softwares including job/field management platforms like simPRO, Servicem8, ServieTitan, and Commosoft

Learo Hero gives you the full stack of tools and capability to grow your business with confidence whilst freeing up your time.

Lead Hero is your business' "font-door" and will help you engage and convert more leads BEFORE muddying up your other softwares.

Some business use our technology gain an unfair advantage and build a scalable marketing platform, while other businesses are looking to actively increase their inbound lead flow. We have optional services around organic (SEO, Social Media) and Paid (Google and Facebook Ads).

We believe that our partners deserve the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. If you're happy with your marketing, keep your marketing and you can use our tech to maximise the ROI from EVERYTHING you do.

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