What is Lead Hero?

Lead Hero is a powerful "all-in-one" marketing and sales solution that helps generate more leads, sales and profit, while reducing stress and working less. We install the software into your business, integrate ALL your lead sources and empower you and your team with the training, support and marketing strategies you need to grow your business with confidence.

Lead Hero is a "hybrid" software and marketing service. We believe that cutting edge technology is the foundation of effective marketing - without the foundation, you risk missing sales opportunities and reducing the visibility of your brand in your local market. 

Lead Hero is the #1 Automation and Text messaging Platform for Trades and Home Service Businesses

It will help you start acquiring customers on autopilot and triple the value of your marketing spend. You'll be able to convert leads, run campaigns, phone and text customers, get more reviews, track leads, manage sales --all in one place!

Lead Hero tech can bring in leads from a multitude of sources - email, PPC, Facebook, phone Google My Business and so many more...and the sales dashboard and pipeline manager will ensure you always get a picture of your ROI and top traffic sources.

Through our iPhone and Android mobile apps you can manage leads and communicate with customers while your out of the office, and through our Zapier app, you can seamlessly connect thousands of other softwares including job/field management platforms like simPRO, Servicem8, ServiceTitan, and Commosoft

Leado Hero gives you the full stack of tools and capability to grow your business with confidence whilst freeing up your time.

Lead Hero is your business' "font-door" and will help you engage and convert more leads BEFORE muddying up your other softwares.

Some business use our technology gain an unfair advantage and build a scalable marketing platform, while other businesses are looking to actively increase their inbound lead flow. We have optional services around organic (SEO, Social Media) and Paid (Google and Facebook Ads).

We believe that our partners deserve the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. If you're happy with your marketing, keep your marketing and you can use our tech to maximise the ROI from EVERYTHING you do.

First Things First: Can You Trust Lead Hero?

We won't blow our own trumpet; we prefer you hear it from some of our dear clients. Wether it's through our Lead Hero marketing automation software, or our lead generation services, we are fast building a stellar reputation and have the reviews to prove it.

How Are You Different?

How much money are you leaving on the table due to missed opportunities or marketing that doesn’t work?

We know how hard you’ve worked to get this far…you deserve to grow a secure and profitable business that lasts well into the future.

Because of this, we’re bringing you the latest digital online marketing solution that will help you get to the next level, beat the competition and become the market leader. 

You see, the traditional methods that got you where you are today (word of mouth, referrals, networking, will not be enough to break a plateau and get to the next level of PREDICTABLE growth. To grow with confidence, you need to advertise your business and stay top of mind with your customers - ALWAYS.

So we don't just talk about leads - we talk about creating a seamless and automated marketing system that ties into all your other software and operations, so you have a ROBUST platform to track, measure and grow EVERYTHING YOU DO.

To get started, just schedule a free discovery call where we can get clear on where you are, where you want to be in 12 months, and brainstorm a strategy to get you there. 

Imagine having a robust marketing system that not only brings in sales all the time, but gives you greater control and certainty for the future.

Lead Hero’s marketing automation suite will help you save time, make more money and gain a competitive advantage.

Simply schedule a call, choose a plan and get ready to win more sales.

We can’t wait to see what good things come when you take full control of your online marketing!

What Kind of Businesses Do You Work With?

We typically work with Home Service and Trades Businesses from £500k-£100M who are looking to grow to £2M-£3M in 12 months. You'll be a business owner with a small team, and usually be using (or ready to implement) software and systems in your business.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

When you sign up to our marketing automation suite, we'll begin setting up your account, installing our proprietary "job conversion" workflows, configuring all the cool "tech stuff" like your SMS, webchat, Voice calling. We'll then ask you to integrate your GMB and Facebook account, set yourself up with Zapier (if you don't have on) and invite you to your first 1-1 onboarding to start integrating your custom lead sources. You'll be up and running in a few days, and literally flying with happiness in the first month!

How Much Does It Cost?

Systems start at only £99/month + VAT and can go up to £499 for a fully featured and unlimited and scalable marketing automation system. When you jump on your free discovery call, we can determine what features or subscription level will work best to get you the results you're looking for.

Are there any extra or hidden costs?

Apart from your service subscription fee, there will be SMS and Voice calling fees, which you will be billed for in increments of $10. Like a managing a sim card, you can "top up" your account with credit and manage your usage from the app. In the UK, SMS can cost around £0.08 per message, but it can also depend on length of message and characters. In the Lead Hero app you will have a full payment dashboard where your SMS and voice calling can be monitored.

Most of our clients also use and pay for Zapier, a software that allows you to connect and integrate thousands of apps and software, including Lead Hero. Zapier pricing is fluid and depends on how many "tasks" you are running. The more you use it, the more you pay - but that can be a good thing, because automating repetitive tasks saves you time and money!  Click here for Zapier pricing.

Are there long term contracts?

There are no long term contacts, you can cancel anytime with one month's notice (That's how confident we are you will LOVE working with us!)

What about my data? Are you GDPR compliant?

Your data is 100% yours and if you wish you can export if into a CVS file to transfer it into any CRM you choose. We have a GDPR Data Protection Schedule with our technology providers and the Lead Hero system is hosted and secured by Google Cloud Servers with 99% uptime. You view our software terms here.