by Carolina Cohen

January 6, 2021

Case Study: Engineer Recruitment Campaign and Landlord Funnel

451 Engineer Leads in a Facebook Recruitment Campaign


Ettan Bazil, entrepreneur/ founder of Help me Fix, and owner of Elite Plumbing & Heating came to us with a big challenge.

Ettan developed Help me Fix as a solution for experienced engineers that were forced into retirement due to damaged knees and backs or that needed an additional source of revenue, to earn money online by sharing their knowledge and experience over video consultations, and to challenge the status quo that currently exists in the property industry which forces landlords into a costly position when it comes to tenant repairs and maintenance.

Since launching, Help me Fix is making waves in the UK trades industry, opening up new revenue opportunities for engineers, massive cost savings for landlords and more safety and happiness for tenants.

In a nutshell, it’s like UBER for Trades!

The Challenge

The product was launching, he had his first clients and early adopters, but what he needed now was engineers. Talented, safe and experienced Trades professionals from a variety of specialisms, and he needed LOTS of them.

He came to us with an ambitious goal: How do we spread the message, and get thousands of engineers to apply to become Help me Fix contractors?

The Solution

We took a step back to begin with…

Extract from our JobFlow Acceleration™ Model

It was essential to deep dive into the market and dig up some powerful insights, problems and pain points that the market experienced. Through our “Magnetic Marketing Method” we did a series of sessions, outlined our customer avatars (Engineers and Landlords), developed a list of top 50 thought leaders, influencers and “strategic partners” that might be useful whether for research purposes or a distribution channel.

You see one of our KEY levers within our unique JobFlow Acceleration™ Model is our STRATEGY lever.

Through a series of intense 1-1 workshops, marketing research and interviews (on our recommendation, Ettan reached out to his top 50 list and managed to secure a series of valuable interviews with Landlords, giving him not only great content to promote Help me Fix, but also valuable insights into the feelings, frustrations and challenges experienced by the market).

Starting with a strategy focus gave us a clear plan of action to develop our proven engineer funnel.

The Outcome

We designed an effective, “high-converting” engineer funnel and a Facebook Ad campaign to get engineer leads and invite them to apply. We then put in place advanced email and text marketing automation to increase conversions and drive them down the application path.

The Results

451+ Engineer Leads, 20+ applications verified, and a very happy client; taking his innovative prop-tech startup to the next level.

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