Case Study: RJ Martindale Plumbing & Heating

Ryan Martindale, owner of RJ Homecare and RJ Martindale Plumbing & Heating had a plan: to DOMINATE his local market, niche down into Boilers and sell 500 service plans and growing residual income in 2021! Lead Hero at your service! 😉

Before he met Lead Hero he was:

  • Was selling the full range of services, from firelogs to bathrooms, to boilers and was tiring, complicated, and most importantly NOT SCALABLE.
  • He had no system for marketing and sales (he didn’t know that existed), and relied on his job management software 😟 to do marketing (like most businesses do!)
  • He had no strategy or online sales funnel to sell service plans and was consistently let down by marketing companies overpromising and underdelivering.

After working with Lead Hero:

  • He’s gone from selling 50 -280 service plans and is on track to hit 500 by the end of the year, his big growth target!
  • He’s got his own marketing and sales system, service plan sales funnel, bringing in more service plans than he could imagine, practically on autopilot!
  • He’s got a predictable boiler installation sales funnel, bringing in a steady stream of qualified customers looking for boiler installations or repairs
  • He’s got marketing automation that enables him and his team. to follow up with leads on autopilot, get more 5 star reviews and never miss an opportunity!
  • He’s got an “always-on” social media presence that keeps his business front-of-mind every day!


Boiler Sales Accelerator – RESULTS!