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The “So What?” Game for Local Businesses

by Francis Rodino

June 18, 2024

The "So What?" Game for Local Businesses: Uncover What Makes Homeowners Choose You

Uncover What Makes Homeowners Choose You

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into crafting the perfect email or website copy, only to see crickets chirping instead of phones ringing? You might have beautiful pictures, detailed service descriptions, and even glowing testimonials, but something’s missing. You haven’t spoken directly to the homeowner’s deepest desires and concerns.

In the world of copywriting, we call this the “So What?” Game. It’s all about digging beneath the surface of features and benefits to uncover the underlying motivations that drive homeowners to choose one business over another.

Remember: Homeowners aren’t just looking for a plumber, electrician, or handyman. They’re looking for someone to solve their problems and bring them peace of mind.

Here’s how to play the “So What?” Game and transform your copywriting:

Step 1: Know Your Ideal Customer

🔸 Develop a buyer persona for your ideal homeowner.

🔸 What are their demographics (age, income, etc.)?

🔸 What are their biggest pain points and frustrations related to your services? (leaky faucets, faulty wiring, unfinished projects)

🔸 What are their deepest desires and aspirations for their home? (a safe space for their family, a beautiful kitchen for entertaining, a stress-free living environment)

Here is our article on how to create your customer avatar.

Step 2: Translate Features into Benefits

🔸 Don’t just list your services. Explain how they benefit the homeowner.

🔸 Feature: “We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services.”

🔸 So What?: “Never wait for a burst pipe to ruin your weekend. We’re here for you, day or night, to prevent a plumbing disaster and keep your home safe.”

Step 3: Dig Deeper: Uncover the “Emotional Benefit”

🔸 Every homeowner’s problem has an emotional root.

🔸 Feature: “We provide expert electrical wiring services.”

🔸 Benefit: “Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a safe and reliable electrical system.”

🔸 Emotional Benefit: “Focus on creating lasting memories in your home, not worrying about electrical hazards. Let us handle the technical stuff so you can relax and unwind.”

Step 4: Play the “So What?” Game with Every Sentence

🔸 After writing a sentence about your services, ask yourself, “So what does this mean for the homeowner?”

🔸 Refine your copy until you’ve reached the core emotional benefit.

Step 5: Use Powerful Storytelling

🔸 People connect with stories.

🔸 Share stories of past clients whose problems you solved and how it improved their lives.

🔸 This helps homeowners see themselves in your narrative and imagine the positive outcome you can deliver.

Bonus Tip

🔸Use strong calls to action (CTAs) throughout your copy.

🔸 Tell homeowners exactly what you want them to do next, whether it’s contacting you for a free quote, scheduling an appointment, or downloading a helpful guide.

By mastering the “So What?” Game, you’ll write a copy that resonates deeply with homeowners and compels them to choose you over the competition. Remember, it’s not about what you do; it’s about how you make their lives better.

Now go forth and play the “So What?” Game! Watch your email and  website conversion rates soar and your phone start ringing off the hook!

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