by Francis Rodino

January 7, 2021

When working with hundreds of businesses who are looking to increase sales and grow with online marketing, we typically see them sitting in one of four different zones.

What Zone is your business in?

Recorded live for Off The Tools Podcast, Wayne’s World Wednesdays

The RED Zone:

Life and business are HARD. Your constantly chasing customers, getting pushed down on price and practically running your business on the back of a fag packet. You’ve tried some marketing but had random results. You may buy and compete for leads, and you’re caught in this chicken and egg cycle where need more jobs to hire another engineer, and you just don’t have time to do everything yourself. It’s EXHAUSTING.


You realise you must take action. There’s simply no other way. You finally realise that to grow your business, you have to invest and take calculated risks. Not every risk will pan out the way you want. It’s all part and parcel of learning, growing and building. You’re following what the top players are doing, learning and applying.


You’re starting to compete. Some of the investments you’ve made are starting to pay off. You have some systems and strategies that are working. Your business is growing and you are “blissfully” confident. You’re doing OK. You’ve reached the “good enough” line. BUT THE TRUTH IS: “OK is NOT good enough” (as soon as you let your guard down, a competitor will come to eat your lunch. This technologically advanced, rapidly changing means you have to change and evolve your offers CONSTANTLY)

The GREEN Zone:

You have a WINNING business. Your sales are fully automated and predictable. You have full visibility and control over your marketing and business growth, and you are leveraging human resources, technology and systems to dominate your industry. Others are following you, wondering how you do it. You smile and come home to spend time with your family and lead a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Check out this quick video to find out more about what each zone means and what you need to do to jump the line.

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About the author 

Francis Rodino

Francis has spent over two decades launching global digital marketing campaigns and delivering ROI for some of the world's best-known brands. From the BBC to Fifa, Playstation and Virgin, in 2018 Francis set out to make a bigger impact helping established Trades businesses harness marketing technology and cutting-edge digital strategies to increase sales, gain greater control and free up their time grow a business that runs itself.