Lead Hero has helped us generate, in the first month of use, at least an extra £12,000 in net profit.

So we wanted to generate more leads. We didn’t actually realise at the time just how ill-prepared we were to deal with the high number of leads.

So once they started coming in, we found all sorts of problems between myself and Tyra in the office, that if I was on site, she was having to respond. Then she had messages in her WhatsApp, messages in my WhatsApp, email chains, photos, Dropboxes.

Everything was just scattered, so if either one of us was off work and we had a job that we’d won, we might not even have the address or the photos of what we’ve got to do with the description. Even the phone numbers, sometimes, if we’d not added them to the job software. So we didn’t have…

Nothing was centralised.

And we started trying to use HubSpot and we just found it. It’s not trade-friendly. If I’m honest, we were ready to buy within a couple of contacts. The price weren’t even a big factor. Once we knew what the system did, even just from afar, we were ready to buy because it solved 90% of our issues. because it solved 90% of our issues.

Once we started using it, it probably solved 120% of our issues. So when we sat down and looked at the cost for Lead Hero, we said, “Actually, if we can convert two jobs that we would’ve lost before, just two jobs a month, that would pay for it.”

Very surprisingly, it generated £63,000 worth of inquiries. it generated £63,000 worth of inquiries. And so far, with a lot of them still to be quoted or followed up on, we converted £24,000. And the biggest factor in that has been Lead Hero, in the way we’ve been able to manage the communication.

The experience of working with Lead Hero has been what I would imagine. It is like for our customers that work with us, and that’s responsive. So I think I dropped you an email on a Saturday morning, and within a couple of hours, I had a custom video that you had responded to, explaining how to do something.

And that, for me, was just… As a business owner who has an idea and wants to execute it, whatever time it is, to get a response like that on a Saturday was just amazing. All the way through, the onboarding, the training you do on a Wednesday evening for free, that’s great. You feel like it’s really, really personal.

Everything feels really personal. And on top of that, it feels like you genuinely care when we get successes. Before, we felt like we were struggling to take on any more inquiries. It was like, “How do we manage them?”

With the system that we’ve put in place, I now feel like, “Let’s just double it. Let’s triple it. Let’s see what we can get. Let’s sort of push this system to the max”, the same way that we’ve been operating for God knows how long.

Now, let’s see what we can do because, in theory, we should be able to. If we’re feeding 70 leads a month through this system, I don’t see why we couldn’t be feeding 200+, 300+. That’s the way I feel.

I haven’t been this enthused about something in the business since we very first started using job management software. since we very first started using job management software.

That transformed us massively, and I feel like this has been the next step that we’ve needed to really grow and move on to the next level.