In the rapidly evolving electrical industry, staying ahead of the competition not only requires delivering top-notch services but also efficiently managing leads and customer communications. WY Electrical, a UK-based company specialising in electric vehicle (EV) charger and solar panel installations, found itself at a crossroads with its lead management process, until Lead Hero came into the picture.

The Challenge: Overwhelmed by Success

WY Electrical’s goal was clear: generate more leads. However, the company soon discovered it was ill-equipped to handle the surge in customer inquiries. The lack of a centralised system led to a chaotic communication flow, with important information scattered across various platforms such as WhatsApp, email, and Dropbox. This disorganization meant that vital job details, including addresses, photos, and customer contacts, could easily be lost or overlooked, especially if key staff members were unavailable.

The Solution: Streamlining with Lead Hero

The search for a solution led WY Electrical to explore various platforms, but none seemed to fit the trade-specific needs of the company until they found Lead Hero. Unlike other systems that were not trade-friendly, Lead Hero promised to address 90% of their operational issues, a promise it not only fulfilled but exceeded, solving an estimated 120% of the problems faced by the team.

The impact of integrating Lead Hero into their business was immediate and substantial. In the first month alone, Lead Hero helped generate £63,000 worth of inquiries, out of which £24,000 were converted, netting an extra £12,000 in profit. This significant increase in efficiency and conversion rate was a game-changer, demonstrating that even just converting an additional two jobs a month could easily cover the cost of the system.

The Results: A Business Transformed

The adoption of Lead Hero has been transformative for WY Electrical in several key areas:

  • Centralised Communication: With all information centralised, the business could manage leads and communications efficiently, ensuring no details were missed.
  • Increased Conversion: The system’s efficiency in handling inquiries led to a higher conversion rate, directly impacting the bottom line.
  • Scalability: The newfound efficiency and organisation have given WY Electrical the confidence to aim for higher goals, seeking to triple their lead intake and push their operational capacity to the limit.
  • Personalised Support: Lead Hero’s responsive support, including custom solutions and free training sessions, has made the implementation process smooth and personal, much like the level of service WY Electrical aims to provide its customers.

Looking Forward

WY Electrical’s journey with Lead Hero reflects a broader theme in the industry: the critical role of technology in enabling businesses to scale and thrive in competitive markets. The company’s experience underscores the importance of choosing the right tools to streamline operations, improve customer service, and, ultimately, drive profitability.

As WY Electrical looks to the future, it’s not just about managing leads but about redefining what’s possible for the business. The partnership with Lead Hero has not only solved immediate operational challenges but has also ignited a new sense of enthusiasm and ambition, marking a significant milestone in the company’s growth journey.