by Francis Rodino

March 6, 2021

People were curious about Lead Hero but not quite sure where it all fits into their current business systems..

  • Does it replace my job management platform?
  • Where and how does it fit in to how I work?
  • Do I need ANOTHER peace of software

I recently put together this overview of how we centralise ALL leads and marketing from a multitude of sources into one system for automated lead management, followup nurture and conversion…BEFORE mudding up your job/field management software with unconverted leads.

You see the problem these days, is that leads come in from so many different sources..busines owners are just can’t keep up and it can get overwhelming trying to keep track of everthing.

You have your website, lead generators, referals, emails, web chat, facebook, google my business…the list of lead sources goes on and on..

It may have been useful to keep a diary or use Excel or Google sheets (10 years ago) but these days, if you want to maintain “speed to lead” and folloup the necessary 5-7 times it takes to close cold you need a system at the FRONT-END of your businsess.

In Lead Hero, you get conversations from one central dashboard include 2-way text, Google My Business Messaging, Facebook Messaging, Phone, Email ad reputation management – all in one place.

Do you have a FRONT-END marketing and sales system as a part of your software stack?

If your curious to find out how Lead Hero can accelerate your sales and help you maximise profit, schedule a no-obligation discovery call and let’s chat.

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About the author 

Francis Rodino

Francis has spent over two decades launching global digital marketing campaigns and delivering ROI for some of the world's best-known brands. From the BBC to Fifa, Playstation and Virgin, in 2018 Francis set out to make a bigger impact helping established Trades businesses harness marketing technology and cutting-edge digital strategies to increase sales, gain greater control and free up their time grow a business that runs itself.